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ePoll Voting & Survey

ePoll is Designed to make authentic and trusted voting system, survey system to collect user feedback.

Online Poll System
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MakeMyPoll - Poll & Voting System

Platform where anyone can create their own poll for free, We help our users to find out the majority opinion of a group as easily and reliably as possible, no matter how large the number of participants is

Travel Service
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Firstrek Camping Chain

India's Biggest Camping Inventory, Providing affordable trekking and camping experience near you.

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FirstStay Growing Hotel Chain

India's Biggest Fastest growing hotel chain, Providing no Commission based hotel offers to you

Social Network
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Parindey -Travel
Partner Finder

Parindey is #1 Travel partner finder and travel social network of India, Meet new travelers, share more.

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Invoice Generator App

InoiveMaker AKA Shivaaz easiest Invoice Generator tool and billing system for androig user

Our Upcoming Products

Solutions we are building for you!

We are continuously on research phase of new tool, Here are few things we are building for future

Operating System
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Single OS for All Devices - Open Source

We are working on a Single OS, for all devices across globe

23-04-21 - Under Research Phase-1
16-03-22 - Under Research Phase-2
22-5-24 - Under Research Phase-2

Travel & Local
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FirstYou - Eco System for Travellers

We are building eco system for travelers and service providers

12-07-23 - Under Development
15-5-24 - Under QA
22-5-24 - Few Days to Go Live

Dating & Matrimonial
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Matrimonial App with Advanced AI

Building AI based matrimonial nexgen matrimonial+datingsys

12-01-23 - Under Research Phase-1
16-09-23 - Under Research Phase-2
22-5-24 - Under Research Phase-2

Why Choose Us

idea-implement-invent, Each 'i' from InfoTheme

We work to meet your requirement, our global products are handcrafted for a global vision and solving your problems.

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Focused Team

We have a well focused team. Who is dedicated to our vision to provide comfortable lifestyle.

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Commitment to Security

Our many security features include Multi Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP .

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We are focused

We believe in everyone's right to privacy, and we back that with a strong anti-spam policy and free WHOIS privacy.

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Embrace Open Source

We strongly believe in providing
open source solutions to our customers whenever possible.

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"I love to work with InfoTheme Inc. time to time. This team is awesome and cool. You will be surprised with their tech support. on time resolution is awesome. "

"Really impressed with their working style and on time product delivery. I loved , Specially Mr. C.E.O is cool person."

"Very serious,reliable and fast. This Team worked nights and days to do exactly what I wanted. I really recommend "

"Very professional team, work very very fast and did a great job ! I recommend ! Your products are rocking guys I love them, keep the good work up , Rahul & Team"

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