Mr. Amit Maithani – About – Aim @ Infotheme

Mr. Maithani is a great business analyst ever we seen in the Industry. He is C.F.O.  and C.M.O. who manage all the creams at top of cake. And really help to build strong base of butter and yes sometime he do his some extra ethic to make the shape perfect. Yes that’s why we call him […]

Mr. Rohitash Pundir – About – Aim @ InfoTheme

Mr. Pundir just completed their graduation and he is professional creative designer / engineer and really hungry to buy a sweet home @ moon. Mr. Pundir is Creative Designer / Team Head @ InfoTheme Designing & Content Creation team. Yes we love Him because he cook a dose of heavy chicken to serve our hungry […]

Mr. Nagendra Chauhan- About – Our Aim @ Infotheme

He is  passionate to manage things as you decorate your home. Yes that’s why we love Mr. chauhan, He manage our sweet team daily and give them extra energy to boost bites on cake. And they have another title here at InfoTheme named CHRO. Yes as our mom choose a better life-partner to manage our home, […]

Mr. Praveen Sajwan – About – Our Aim @ Infotheme

He is a professional Engineer and passionate creative moment picker, Mr. Sajwan maintain all the daily operations done in the firm. And they have another title here at InfoTheme named AMO. Cause of their best marketing skills, our firm really love them as an COO & AMD. Aim at Infotheme: Make it better then before […]