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Web Development History & Website Development Company in Dehradun

Web development also known as Website Development basically refers to the tasks associated with developing the websites for hosting through intranest or internet. Website development procedure includes web designing, web content development, server- side scripting and network security configuration and other tasks. We can explain the web development as the coding or program that enables websites functionality as per owner’s requirements. In web development, developers use HTML, CSS , Javascript, PHP  and many other programming languages. Advance web developers use or may choose to utilize CMS (Content Mnagement System) like WordPress or Joomla in order to streamline development and allow clients an easy way to maintain and update their website. Website Development can also be defined as the process of creating a website and can range from developing a single- simple pages to a series of complex pages.

Languages and Technical Specification of Web Development

website development company in dehradun

website development company in dehradun

There are various open source software are also  available for web development such as BerkleyDB, GlassFish, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl/ Plack. Another things useful in web development is WYSIWYG web-development software, which are Adobe Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon and Microsoft Visual Studio. To use these software web developers should have a good knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) or of programming language. Blog is one of the best trans-formative communication example led by web development. WordPress and Movable Tyoe are such web- development are some of the web applications which have created easily implanted blog- environments for individual websites. Web developers should have basic knowledge and associative skills including Graphic designing/ We Designing, Information Architecture and copyrighting and copy editing with web usually, accessibility and search engine optimization in mind and mobile responsiveness, these are the simple website development hierarchy and can be extended to include all client side coding, covering aspects such as layout and design, and server siding coding, which covers the website’s functionality and back- end systems. The other process is Testing, it is a process of evaluating  a system or its components with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. Testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements. The extent of testing varies greatly between organisations, developers, and individual sites or applications. There are many programming languages which are used to control the the actions of a machine. These languages are properly drafted or constructed language when it is designed in such a way that through its instructions can be communicated to computer systems. Some of the programming languages are JavaScript, Java, Python, CSS, PHP, C++, C, Shell, C#, Objective C, R, Vnyl, Go, Perl.

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